Sun Safety Wearable

QTemp gives you personalized sun protection advice so you can stop worrying about overexposure.

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Innovative healthcare wearable

QTemp measures the UV index of your exact location. The QTemp companion app provides personalized sun safety tips.

  • Find out how long you can safely stay in the sun, based on your skin type.
  • Get alerts when it’s time to seek sun protection.
  • Measure the exact UV index, wherever you are.
Main Features
QTemp + smartphones

Your personal UV tracker

QTemp provides more accurate UV index readings compared to weather apps, and tells you how to best protect yourself in the sun.

Real-time UV index

QTemp is a portable gadget that forwards UV data to the QTemp app on your smartphone.

Track sun exposure, protect your skin

The sun can cause permanent skin damage including premature aging and skin cancer. QTemp estimates your Safe Sun Time based on your skin type, and notifies you when it’s time to seek sun protection.

The danger of UV rays

Smart sunscreen reminder.

Take control of your health. Get notifications to reapply sunscreen when your Safe Sun Time is up.

Versatile weather tracker.

Measure the UV index from exactly where you’re standing, in real time.

Don’t get sunburned again!

Prevent the risks of sunburn, premature aging, and skin cancer by tracking UV.

Connect it to any smartphone

  • Monitor your Safe Sun Time
  • Get personalized Sun safety tips
  • Share your weather & location via SMS
  • Measure UV index from anywhere
QTemp device


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