Main Features

Weather data & sun safety, all in one place

Fast; Reads data in just 1 second

Wide Range; Accurate readings from -40° C to 60° C

Compatible; Android / iPhone

Easy-to-use; Pair it & go

Accurate; Temp. ±0.5° C (±0.9° F) UVA/UVB ±0.5 UVI

Offline; No internet connection needed

Small; 1/3 the size of a business card

Durable; Weather resistant aluminum surface

Wireless; Uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity

Thoughtfully Design

Clip it to your clothes, keep it on your keychain or mount it to a wall. With its weather resistant design, you can wear QTemp all day, every day.


Size and weight
58X29X9 mm, 2.30X1.15X0.35 inch
18g with battery

CAD Drawing

UV Sensor
Range 0 to 11
UVA/UVB (±0.5 UVI)

Temperature sensor
-40°C to +60°C (@25°C ±0.5°C)
-40°F to +140°F (@77°F ±1°F)

Plastic enclosure covered by an anodized aluminum (Silver, Red, Gold) surface

Replaceable coin size battery (CR2032)

Environmental conditions
Optimum Operating Temperature: -22° to +131° F (-30° to +55° C)
Non-operating Temperature: -40° to +140° F (-40° to +60° C)
Water Resistant: Device is water resistant.

Free companion app

The companion app does more than a typical weather app. It analyses the data measured by your QTemp.

App UI

Share Weather Photos

More than an ordinary weather app

Share weather data from your current location with your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Take photos with an overlay of temperature, UV index, location, and emoticons. If you don’t feel like taking a picture to share the weather data, don’t worry – you can send data itself via SMS

Weather camera, Toronto

Share What You Feel

  • Sharing your weather data with friends & family
  • Back up your weather data automatically
  • Export your data to a .txt file